About TRNC

Throughout history, Cyprus has been considered as a strategic and commercially important island for countries planning to expand to the Middle East. After Sicily and Sardinia, Cyprus is the third largest island of the Mediterranean and its nearest neighbouring country is Turkey.

Cyprus is located in a geographically prime position and it has been home to many civilizations through decades. Culturally and historically, it is an island where a combination of various civilizations has lived.

The city of Famagusta, located in the east of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, was established in 3rd Century B.C.  by Philadelphius, one of the kings of Ptolemus. The city is said to have been named after the king’s sister, Arsione. When Salamis, an ancient Greek city-state on the east coast of Cyprus, was burned and destructed by the Arabs in 648 A.D., the people residing there had to migrate to Famagusta which led the city to become a small port.  During this period, the name of the city was changed to ‘’Ammohostos’’ meaning ‘’Hidden in the Sand’’.

Today, because Famagusta is the largest free port of the TRNC, it has an important strategic value not only for the island, but also for other countries. The old city of Famagusta is surrounded by walls with traces of Assyrian, Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Lusignan and Venetian civilizations. In addition to its historical importance, Famagusta ranks first among other cities not only with its economic and tourism potential but also being a city of universities which means enhancements in the areas of communication, science, technology, culture, arts, and similar fields.

The TRNC universities have proven themselves with equivalence agreements signed with other international universities, experienced academic staff and facilities with a modern and technological infrastructure.  

Famagusta has brought together many scientists, artists, tourists, and other professionals from many countries by hosting  several organizations in the areas of culture, art and science.  ITU North Cyprus Education and Research Campuses, an extension of Istanbul Technical University one of the oldest state a university in Turkey is located in this historical and modern city.